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ACCG and ACE team-up to help a student take a Roman Emperor Home with him

Report by Brett Telford, leader of the ACCG's Education and Youth Programs Task Force

By Brett Telford |
April 05, 2008

Ancient Coins for Education, or “ACE”, has had as its objective since its inception 6 years ago a desire “To encourage learning about Classical history through the use of ancient numismatics”. ACE provides coins to students and teachers at all levels, from elementary through post-graduate, along with level-appropriate curriculum and other support, including classroom visits by local numismatist-mentors wherever possible. Since its inception, the ACCG Education and Youth Programs Task Force has partnered with ACE to help find mentors for participating classes.

ACE’s “Take a Roman Emperor Home with You” is one tremendously popular and successful way to spread the word about the fascination of ancient coins among those who might never have dreamt of actually "owning" one. This program, in addition to ACE’s original classroom programs, is yet another avenue by which our partnership helps stimulate interest in all things Classical, including, ancient numismatics.

Under this program, teachers and other academics who are involved in outreach beyond the regular arc of classroom activities - showing school-based Coin Museums or hosting exhibits from exterior sources including ACE’s groundbreaking new “ATM” (ACE Travelling Museum - made possible in part through the generosity of ACCG member, Harlan J. Berk), Open Houses, workshops, academic colloquia or seminars - are sent a common but fully researched andidentified ancient Roman coin, along with a card providing background information. This coin is then awarded during the outreach event to the lucky winner of a random drawing, door-prize style. ACE Director Souzana Steverding says of the program: "This is a unique and wonderful way to introduce people to ancient coins and history. It creates a memorable interaction as unexpectedly the recipient is holding a real ancient Roman coin. For someone to suddenly own something 1700 or more years old … it thrills, it amazes, and it is theirs! History comes alive for yet another person."

One recent lucky winner, Sam, a prospective student attending an Open House at Covington Latin School in Kentucky, took home a bronze coin of Constantius II which had been donated by the ACCG. Shown here receiving his ancient treasure from Latin teacher Kelly Kusch, Sam's name was drawn from amongst the names of attendees and prospective students. This is one prize not soon to be forgotten by this young man. And, who knows, it may even serve to light the flame of a future interest in ancient numismatics!

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