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A Constellation of Stars

A classroom mentor from Kentucky and a donor from New Mexico, both members of the ACCG and supporters of ACE, help make an educational experience special for one High School student.

August 16, 2008

The attached photo required the coming together of several Stars in the Ancient Coin Educational World. Included are a dedicated ACCG Mentor, David Markgraf (left), who presented the prize; gifted teacher, Kelly Kusch (right); and in the center, last but certainly not least, Paul Vine, a 16 year old from Kentucky who will be going far in the world of linguistics and classics. Vine is the winner of the "Alexander and his Legacy" contest sponsored by Ancient Coins for Education (ACE). The contest prize, a Seleukid tetradrachm of the Alexander type was donated by ACE supporter and ACCG member, Charley Rhodes in New Mexico, who is – wait for it – a rocket scientist! The coin, depicting Alexander the Great as Herakles, is a heavy silver tetradrachm minted by Seleukos I, Alexander’s general, member of the Diadochi and founder of the Seleukid empire, which lasted until 64 BC. ACE director Souzana Steverding jokingly admitted, "Believe me, this a coin I was almost sad to pass on -– it is fantastic!" More seriously, Steverding expressed the appreciation of ACE for David Markgraf’s excellent mentoring and the fact that he made himself available for this presentation. Teacher Kelly, she said, spoke very highly of David and his help.

When ACE director Scott Uhrick read the “Alexander and his Legacy” contest, in which Paul Vine triumphed with 93% correct, he said “Whew, this is hard” and indeed it was perhaps the hardest ACE contest ever compiled! If you want to try your hand… go to the ACE Gallery Site at
and scroll down to come to and click on the “Alexander and his Legacy” contest. Sorry, prizes are only for the students!

ACE extends its heartfelt thanks to all who made this possible.

david markgraf
kelly kusch

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