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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010



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Clifford Mishler recognized by ACCG

Clifford Mishler, former president of Krause Publications and an icon of coin collecting, was recognized at the CICF for his service to the ACCG.

April 27, 2008

The ACCG was pleased to honor Clifford Mishler with its Exceptionally Meritorious Service Award at the guild membership meeting in Chicago April 25, 2008 during the Chicago International Coin Fair. Cliff Misher has been a member of the guild since its inception and has been active and effective as a volunteer on the Legislative Affairs Task Force. The citation accompanying the award read:

"The Board of Directors and general membership of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild gratefully recognize the contributions of Clifford Mishler and extend our sincere thanks for the exceptionally meritorious service that he has given to ancient numismatics. As a member of the ACCG and a concerned numismatist, Cliff Mishler has interceded with Wisconsin Congressional Representatives on numerous occasions when the help of legislators was needed to preserve collector rights. He has argued long and hard for the preservation of a free market and as a Trustee of the ANS and a Governor of the ANA, he has taken the ACCG message to our sister organizations and lobbied for their support of ancient coin collecting.

As a volunteer with the guild’s Legislative Affairs Task Force, Clifford Mishler represented the guild in a series of award ceremonies that recognized the support of Wisconsin Congressmen as Friends of the ACCG. He personally helped to garner the support of these congressmen for the Wisconsin Collectors Rights Resolution, which is the first state wide affirmation of ancient coin collector rights by a major political party in the U.S.
What is particularly impressive is that Clifford Mishler has contributed countless hours on behalf of ACCG initiatives and he is not himself a collector of ancient coins. His altruistic support is remarkable and has earned the admiration of all who know and work with him. 

The ACCG is proud to count Clifford Mishler as a member of the guild and a tireless defender of ancient coin collecting, and to recognize his contributions with the Exceptionally Meritorious Service award."
At the presentation, Mr. Mishler revealed to the group that he did in fact have a small collection of coins of the Roman emperor Hadrian (AD 117-138). It happens that Mishler's birth date (perhaps we should say birth "day") is the same as the date of accession for this famous emperor.

Clifford Mishler is only the fourth member of the ACCG to receive this award which is reserved for very special contributions by its members. The guild, its directors and its members are grateful for this selfless service.

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