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Coins and Classics Appeal to Youngsters

Zee Ann Poerio, an elementary school teacher in Pittsburgh has parlayed success upon success in teaching the classics with the help of ancient coins and ancient coin collectors. She thanked collectors and collector organizations for that help in a recent post to the online discussion list Moneta-L.

By Zee Ann Poerio |
June 27, 2006

Thanks to all Numismatists for Helping TEACHERS

Posted by: "" Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:17 am (PST)

Dear listmembers: I have the pleasure of serving as an ACE Director, the new Chair for the ETC (Excellence Through Classics) of the American Classical League (ACL), and on the Education and Youth Programs Task Force for Ancient Coin Collectors Guild. These wonderful groups have given me the opportunity to share my interest in COINS AND CLASSICS. Earlier this year, I presented at the Pennsylvania Classical Association Spring conference to share with Classics teachers the opportunities to work with numismatists to enrich their curriculum and I just returned from presenting a session, "Expanding the Empire: Promoting Classics Through Creative Outreach Through workshops, a Museum Model & More" at the ACL Summer Institute at the University of Pennsylvania with Barbara Bell of the UK, author of Minimus, a Latin textbook I use in my classroom. We discussed ways that Classics teachers can reach out into the community to promote Latin in creative ways in the US and the UK.

My presentation focused on the support of the NUMISMATIC COMMUNITY and the many resources available to teachers. I discussed how the use of ANCIENT COINS in the classroom can bring history to life for students and how coins can be used to teach ACROSS THE CURRICULUM. Coins can be used to teach art, history, language, science, math, geography, and the culture of the ancients. I also showed examples of ancient influence on COINS OF TODAY! I spoke about the experiences I have had working with ancient and modern coin dealers and inviting them into my classroom to speak and to participate in community events. I asked the ACL if ACE could have an exhibit at the event, and I invited Scott Uhrick and John Ryan to share their collections of coins, small aritifacts, and legionary helmets to add to the school museum exhibit I displayed. Please see the flyer, "Monstra mihi pecuniam" (Show me the money.) at

I also distributed ancient coins to children who participated in a demonstration lesson with Barbara Bell. The children were in complete awe when I announced how old the coins were. Their eyes opened wide and their mouths dropped open. They just kept staring at the coins and holding them reverently. The Classics teachers and professors who were observing the lesson, told me that watching the faces of these children with the coins was "priceless." I was so glad they had the opportunity to see this, and I wish all of you could too.
I am very grateful for ALL of the support from the many people on this list over the years. Special thanks to Harlan J. Berk, the ANA, the ACCG, and ACE. Thanks ACE Directors, John Ryan and Scott Uhrick who attended and brought their own collections to add to the Ancient Coin Museum exhibit and to help answer questions.

Thank you to all those who donated coins and prizes for this event especially ACE, Wayne Sayles, the ANA, the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatics (PAN), Kerry Wetterstrom of The Celator, and the US Mint. There were photos displayed of many of the numismatists who have helped the Classics teachers in the past and presented ACE awards. Harlan, J. Berk of Harlan J. Berk, Ltd., Wayne Sayles (Executive Director of the ACCG), Tom Buggey of the University of Memphis, Ken Baumheckel (ACCG sponsor of Milken Community High School in Los Angeles), and Tom Schroer of Moneta to name a few. Many thanks also to Souzana Steverding, Kevin Ingleston, Mark Lehman, John E. Ryan, Cathy Scaife, Scott Uhrick, Mike Dalka, and William Peters - ACE Directors (present and past) and all those who generously donated funding, material, or their time visiting schools to support the study of Classics. Special thanks to Kevin Barry for webspace, Bill Puetz of VCoins, Doug Smith, Stephen Arnold and all of the numismatists who have given permission over the years for teachers to use coin images. GRATIAS! Thank you!

The NUMISMATIC PRESENCE at the ACL was a great way to show the CLASSICS teachers how the numismatic community has shown their support and how we can work together. I appreciate all that you have done for me, other teachers, and ACE. I look forward to more opportunities to SHARE THE WEALTH. I will be speaking again about coins and Classics in the fall at the Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS).

Thanks again to all of you who have donated coins to ACE for schools, events, and contests. Please visit ACE at to learn more about ACE. Gratias tibi ago.

Zee Ann Poerio
Teacher St. Louise de Marillac School
310 McMurray Road Pittsburgh, PA 15241 
Chair, Excellence Through Classics
Director, Ancient Coins for Education
Education and Youth Programs Task Force, Ancient Coin Collectors Guild 

"Quod donum majus reipublicae offerre possumus, quam adulescentes docere et instruere?"
"What greater and better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and to instruct our youth?"

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