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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010



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Dave Welsh honored with ACCG Award

Dave Welsh, ACCG Board Member and founder of the Unidroit-L online discussion group has been named a recipient of the ACCG's Exceptionally Meritorious Service Award

August 13, 2008

Dave Welsh of Goleta, California joins a select group of volunteers who have been honored with the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Exceptionally Meritorious Service Award. The award recognizes specific contributions by ACCG members that rise to the highest level of dedication and service. The following citation accompanied the award, which was announced at the guild's 2nd Biennial meeting in Baltimore earlier this month.

"The Board of Directors and general membership of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild gratefully recognize the contributions of David Welsh and extend our sincere thanks for the exceptionally meritorious service that he has given to ancient numismatics. As a member of the ACCG Board, and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, Dave helped to form and guide the policies and formal positions of the guild, which presently numbers more than 600 individual members and 20 Affiliate Member organizations. He has developed numerous position papers and appeals to members of the U.S. Congress, Department of State decision makers and committees, the Media and Foreign Governments. Dave is engaged daily in the affairs of the ACCG and is at the center of the guild’s resistance to import restrictions.

As founder and moderator of the Unidroit-L discussion list, Dave has dedicated countless hours to providing a balanced forum for discussion online of cultural property issues. He also represents the collector fraternity very effectively on numismatic discussion groups that reach a broad range of interested parties. The ACCG is proud to count Dave Welsh as a member of the guild and a tireless defender of ancient coin collecting."

Welsh is a consulting engineer who operates a part-time business as a dealer in ancient coins. He was elected to the ACCG Board of Directors in 2006.

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