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David Sear’s “foundation coin” starts a school Museum

An ACCG Director participates in the ACE School Museum Program. Report by Souzana Steverding of ACE.

By Souzana Steverding |
August 27, 2007

When David Sear, internationally recognized numismatic scholar, read the thought-provoking “thank you” letter to the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild from teacher Anne Pearson, (whose school was the lucky recipient of an ACCG sponsorship for the Ancient Coins for Education program), he just knew that such a teacher could open young minds to enthusiasm for the ancient past and its amazing coins.

Scott Uhrick (left) of ACE with teacher Anne Pearson and John, a student at Trinity Pawling school

That is how it started, and now David has donated a beautiful Hadrian “Africa” Denarius and his book to Anne and her school, Trinity Pawling, in NY state. After completing a year of the ACE program, teacher Anne’s ideas for a school ancient coin museum are ground breaking …. John B, the young student shown above with ACCG & ACE mentor Scott Uhrick, and Maria Reade, Dean of Faculty at Trinity Pawling, - has been chosen as the first student “Assistant Curator” of the Coin Museum. Student John won a couple of coin prizes this past school year in ACE’s Classical Coin & History contests, and who knows if this might not be his first step towards a career involving ancient coins and history, following in the footsteps of David Sear himself ! All the students will be closely involved in the Museum process, designing displays, choosing coins, researching historical background, etc.

Having heard of teacher Anne’s enterprising plans, the ACCG decided to make a donation of $250 to cover the purchase of further ancient coins for the Trinity Pawling school coin museum. This will be a totally new and fascinating experience for Anne’s students who will themselves research and help choose the coins for their museum – of course, under the highly knowledgeable supervision of Scott Uhrick, their ACCG / ACE mentor!
All of us who purchase coins know that this will be a true learning time for the students - there is nothing like the purchase of one’s first coins to draw one into a real numismatic experience!

For more information on learning and supporting the study of Classical (Greek, Roman, and Byzantine) history through the use of ancient numismatics, please visit ACE online at

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