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Guild Announces Election Results

Members of the ACCG have duly elected three Directors for four year positions on the guild's governing board.

April 17, 2006

The first general election of individuals to serve on the ACCG Board of Directors closed on April 15 with more than one third of registered guild members casting ballots. The field of candidates included five very highly qualified members of the numismatic community vying for three open positions. The ACCG board is composed of seven members elected for four year terms. The elections are held every two years, with four seats being open on one cycle and three on the alternate cycle. Nominations come from the general membership and the only eligibility requirement is current membership in the ACCG.

The election process is specified in the guild bylaws, and was overseen by Jorg Lueke of the Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club and Larry Gaye of the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association. Both organizations are Affiliate Members of the ACCG. Ballots were mailed in March by Mary Lavender from Orlando, Florida. Mary was recently appointed to the position of Membership Coordinator and is responsible for maintaining the membership database and handling the processing of new memberships and renewals.

Results of the election, as reported by the Election Monitor, are as follows:

Total Ballots Received: 175

Votes Cast:

David Kellogg: 80
Peter K. Tompa: 152
Bill Puetz: 128
Paul Johnson: 32
David Welsh: 91

The three with highest totals were Peter K. Tompa, Bill Puetz and David Welsh. These officers will begin their four year term as Director at the forthcoming ACCG Biennial Meeting in Denver. Continuing in their present board positions for the next two years will be Kerry K. Wetterstrom, David Hendin, David R. Sear and Wayne G. Sayles. The offices of Board President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer are filled by an internal election within the Board. The Executive Director is appointed by acclamation and serves at the pleasure of the Board.

This election marks a milestone in ACCG history as it implements the first phase of transition from an appointed charter Board of Directors to an openly elected group. The willingness of excellent candidates to serve, and of guild members to oversee the democratic election process is to be highly commended.

david sear
david kellogg
larry gaye
wayne g. sayles
biennial meeting
paul johnson
bill puetz
dave welsh
jorg lueke
david hendin
kerry k. wetterstrom
peter k. tompa

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