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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010



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John Hooker to edit ACCG Newsletter

The ACCG newsletter, a heretofore randomly issued communication, will become a scheduled quarterly event.

August 01, 2009

John Hooker, author of Celtic Improvisations: An Art Historical Analysis of Coriosolite Coins, has agreed to serve as Editor of the ACCG online Newsletter. Improvisations, using the development of their art as a major theme, was the culmination of an exhaustive ten-year study of the coins of an Armorican tribe issued at about the time of Caesar's invasion of Gaul. He was invited to contribute the entry on Celtic coinage for John T. Koch's five volume Celtic Culture -- A Historic Encyclopedia . Hooker conceived the idea of the Celtic Coin Index Online, coordinating with Oxford and assisting his wife, Carin Perron (1957-2003) to bring the idea to fruition. He is a prolific writer and very frequent contributor to online discussion groups. He has written two philosophical treatises as part of an ongoing series about Cultural Property for ACCG that are published on this web site (see "Hooker Papers" in the navigation bar to left).

The need for consistent communication with ACCG members and supporters has long been recognized, as previous newsletters have been generated mainly as time would permit. In addition to articles about current events within the ACCG, the newsletter will include links to other online resources of interest to guild membership. The newsletter will now be scheduled quarterly and will be sent to all members who have registered an email address with the guild. The first issue under John Hooker's editorship will appear on September 1, 2009.

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