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Pittsburgh Teacher is a Friend of Numismatics

Zee Ann Poerio, a third grade teacher at St. Louise de Marillac school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been recognized by the ACCG for her notable contributions to the hobby of collecting ancient coins.

September 01, 2005

ACCG Executive Director Wayne G. Sayles presents the "Friend of Numismatics" Award to Zee Ann Poerio at the St. Louise de Marillac school Book Fair hosted by Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh.

It may have been her Italian roots that inspired an interest in Latin, or perhaps a penchant for bringing the past to life. In any case, Zee Ann Poerio has made her desire to bring the classics back into American elementary education a literal crusade. Along the way, she discovered ACE (Ancient Coins for Education) and realized what we all really know instinctively -- kids love coins. Being a professional educator, Zee also knows that it's easy to teach when the student has a love affair with the subject matter. Using the Latin inscriptions on coins to spur an interest in what some consider a dead ancient language opened the door to broader opportunities and now there is a bee hive of activity on the classical front at St. Louise.

The Ancient Coin Museum is a core element of Mrs. Poerio's program, and the involvement of her students is remarkably enthusiastic (see related stories Bookfair, and Museum). The Ancient Coin Museum concept is now supported by ACE at seven schools across the country and is growing fast. Poerio has organized teacher workshops to share lessons learned and to explore new ideas.

The good will that this program brings to ancient coin collecting is impossible to overestimate. At a time when private collectors are scurillously characterized as "plunderers of the past", the use of ancient coins in the classroom is a beacon of light and a tangible demonstration of the good that our hobby has always done and continues to do.

In recognition of her tireless effort, and remarkable accomplishment, the ACCG presented to Zee Ann Poerio at Pittsburgh on August 27, 2005 the guild's "Friend of Numismatics" award. This award was created to recognize those who make significant contributions to the numismatic community but are not primarily collectors themselves. Mrs. Poerio is only the second recipient of this award, the first being presented to Wisconsin 7th Congressional District GOP leaders for their support of the Collectors Rights Resolution.

For information about ACE and the wonderful programs that it sponsors go to:

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