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Siegel visits Charlotte classroom

Perry Siegel, proprietor of Herakles Numismatics, helps bring ancient history to life as part of the ACE program.

July 22, 2007

The students at Reedy Creek School in Charlotte, NC, have learnt all about the Labors of Herakles. When Perry Siegel, of Herakles fame, walks into their classroom they don’t really expect him to wrestle with a Nemean Lion—but their young eyes open in wonder as he helps them with their coins. Under his guidance they see the fallen barbarian’s horse on one coin and think it amazing as he points out the Emperor’s radiate crown on another. These coins are more than 1600 years old—and he knows all about them! Even more impressive is what they learn when the contents of his display is revealed…this coin was minted on the orders of Alexander the Great! They treat it with reverence …. and here is an Athenian Owl—Perry explains the symbolism of it.

Teacher Anne Atkins-Bostic is thrilled: “Perry gave a wonderful hands-on presentation which opened their minds to the great world they never imagined was out there. It enriched the lives of students who would not have had meaningful exposure to antiquity without this program !”

Perry Siegel of Herakles Numismatics, as a member of ACCG and a long time ACE supporter, is putting his love and knowledge of ancient coins to practical educational use and the kids love it ! The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild and Ancient Coins for Education are committed to educational outreach, as is Perry Siegel.

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