Preserving our freedom to collect


The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010

ACCG Activity Log

A chronological log, maintained by the Executive Director, of actions taken by ACCG management and committee personnel.

06/05/04 - Purchased the domain name ACCG.US and created a temporary web site at that address.

06/20/04 - Bylaws and logo presented to the Charter Board for consideration.

07/09/04 - Vote #001 submitted to the Board for approval of bylaws, approval of the guild logo and motto, election of officers, appointment of the Executive Director, and approval to submit articles of incorporation.

07/10/04 - Press release about ACCG formation sent to The Celator.

07/10/04 - Membership Application page added to the web site.

07/12/04 - Checking account opened at Century Bank of the Ozarks in the name of Ancient Coin Collectors Guild. First deposit made from the receipt of membership dues.

07/12/04 - Established Paypal account in the name of ACCG.

07/12/04 - Announcements posted on Moneta-L, Numism-L, Unidroit-L and Islamic Coins Digest.

07/12/04 - Membership flyer sent out for insertion in August 2004 issue of The Celator

07/13/04 - Articles of incorporation submitted to the Missouri Secretary of State.

07/13/04 - Sent letters by fax to Representatives English, Leach, Thomas, Crane, Levin, Shaw, Rangel, Houghton, Ramstad, Camp, Jefferson and Senators Grassley, Thomas and Baucus urging them to exempt coins from S-671 and HR 4641. Sent the same letter by email to Representative Emerson of Missouri.

07/13/04 - Added a page of Editorial Comments to the web site.

07/14/04 - Started sending membership and support solicitations to dealers

07/14/04 - Board vote #001 closed. All items approved unanimously. Kerry Wetterstrom elected President, Peter Tompa President-Elect, David Hendin Treasurer, Wayne Sayles Secretary.

07/15/04 - Bill Puetz hosts the ACCG web site on the Vhobbies server. Bill begins working on the software for a permanent site of expanded capability.

07/15/04 - Announcements placed on Moneta-L, Numism-L and ACM-L and membership applications accepted.

07/15/04 - Started writing Policies and Procedures Manual for formalizing ACCG committee organization and workflow.

07/16/04 - Revised motto "Lux et Veritas" to "Per lucem ad veritatem" due to a conflict with the motto of Yale University.

07/17/04 - Established Policies and Procedures outlining the responsibilities of the Executive Director (ACCGP 1-0); establishment and control of ACCG committees (ACCGP 2-0); and responsibilities of the Budget and Finance Officer (ACCGP 3-0).

07/20/04 - Received Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit organization from the Missouri Secretary of State.

07/21/04 - Sent follow-up letters and faxes to the communication of 7/13/04 urging immediate action to exempt coins from current legislative proposals.

07/21/04 - Established Policies and Procedures 2-1 Education and Youth Programs Task Force; 2-2 Legislative Action Task Force and 4-0 Affiliate Member Liaison.

07/21/04 - Appointed Kerry Wetterstrom, Brent Upchurch and Brett Telford to the Education and Youth Programs Task Force.

07/24/04 - Appointed Peter Tompa, Jim McGarigle and Dave Tranbarger to the Legislative Action Task Force.

07/24/04 - Appointed Chris Connell as Affiliate Member Liaison.

07/29/04 - Press Release #2 sent to Krause, Coin World, Coinage and ANS Yahoo Group.

08/08/04 - Sent Press Release to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

08/09/04 - Contacted Kevin Foley to reserve rooms, dates and times for ACCG meetings for the NYINC at 10:00 am Saturday, Jan. 15 2005; and for the CICF at 2:00 pm Friday, April 22, 2005.

08/21/04 - Delivered briefing on ACCG mission and organization at the ANA in Pittsburgh.

08/23/04 - Sent letter of introduction from ACCG Executive Director to Prof. Jane Waldbaum, president of the AIA.

08/28/04 - Appointed Eldert Bontekoe to the Legislative Affairs Task Force.

08/29/04 - Appointed David Vagi, Rich Pearlman and Alfred De La Fe to the Public Affairs Committee.

08/30/04 - Sent follow up letters by fax to Congressmen and Senators on the HR-1047 conference committee.

08/31/04 - Sent a personal letter to Congressman Rangel, ranking member of the House Ways and Means committee, pointing out the impact of import restrictions.

09/01/04 - Issued a check for $1,000 to the ANA to fund a YN scholarship for the 2005 Summer Seminar.

09/06/04 - ACCG agreed to fund the Fax Wizard at for contacting legislators.

10/02/04 - Sent a letter to the editor of The Washington Post in response to the Atwood article.

10/05/04 - Interview with WGS about the ACCG was published in Canadian Coin News.

10/604 - Initiated telephone calls to Senate and House majority and minority staffers of HR 1047 reiterating our request for exemption of coins to import restrictions.

10/16/04- Financial report mailed to David Hendin, ACCG Treasurer.

10/17/04-Thanks to the efforts of Bill Puetz and A.J. Gatlin, the ACCG web site has been upgraded to a sophisticated architecture based on Plone software and is now active.

10/18/04 - New Jersey Numismatic Society joins ACCG as Affiliate Member

10/26/04-Printed and mailed a second flyer for insert in The Celator. The first flyer netted 78 new members, several of which joined as Patron members.

10/27/04-ACCG applied for ANA club membership and reserved a meeting room for the Spring ANA convention in Kansas City.

10/28/04-The International Affairs Committee has been established with appointment of Dave Welsh as Chairman. This committee compiles and archives information about foreign laws and import/export procedures in source countries. Among these, are actions taken under the British Treasure Trove law. It tracks international events such as UNESCO, Unidroit and similar conventions that have an impact on ancient coin collecting. It identifies and maintains a dialogue with various organizations and government officials in countries outside of the U.S. The committee also serves as a liaison to individual members of the ACCG who live in countries outside of the U.S.

10/31/04- Sent letter of introduction from Director, ACCG to the Director, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute requesting a statement of position on private collecting of ancient coins.

10/31/04 - Sent letter of introduction from Director, ACCG to Director, American Society for Amateur Archaeology, suggesting the possibility of common interests.

11/02/04 - Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club joins as Affiliate Member

11/05/04 - First ACCG Newsletter sent to the printer

11/17/04 - Press release about ancient coin collecting and ACCG sent via commercial newswire to coincide with the opening of the Alexander movie. This release was picked up by media from coast to coast.

11/18/04 - Bill Puetz attended the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) conference in San Antonio on behalf of the ACCG.

11/19/04 - Newsletter mailed to all ACCG members.

11/22/04 - Sent letter to Christine Rogala, aide to Congressman English, suggesting that HR 4641 be dropped from further consideration in light of recent revelations about looting of the Kabul Museum being overstated.

11/23/04 - Attorney Harvey Fox, a customs specialist and former head of the Regulations division of the U.S. Customs Service, has been retained to represent ACCG in proposed meetings with U.S. Customs regarding the formulation of regulations to enforce HR 1047.

12/6/04 - Sent letter of introduction from the Executive Director to the Ambassador from Afghanistan explaining the purpose of ACCG.

12/12/04 - ACCG Website named "Site of the Week" by CoinLink.

12/13/04 - Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) joins as Affiliate Member.

12/27/04 - Letter of objection to the Voice of America news item of 22 December 2004 sent by fax and USPS.

01/06/05 - Press release outlining the ACCG opposition to Import Restriction on coins from China was sent to the numismatic press.

01/07/05 - Second letter of objection to Voice of America programming sent to chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors which oversees operations of VOA.

01/08/05 - Fax Wizard programmed for messages to CPAC in regard to the request from China for import restrictions.

01/08/05 - San Francisco Ancient Numismatic Society joins ACCG as an affiliate member.

01/10/05 - Received letter from the Director, Voice of America acknowledging that earlier mentioned programming lacked balance on the issue of ownership of antiquities. VOA temporarily removed the script pending addition of private collector response. This was subsequently done and an interview with Peter Tompa was added.

01/13/05 - IRS issues notice of exemption from Federal Income Tax for ACCG under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

01/15/05 - ACCG Board meets at NYINC and adopts by unanimous vote (Vote#002) the ACCG Code of Ethics.

01/15/05 - CNG, Amphora Coins and Harlan J. Berk Ltd. pledge contributions to ACCG at the benefactor level.

01/15/05 - Willamette Coin Club joins ACCG as Affiliate

01/20/05 - Pacific Northwest Numismatic Assn. joins ACCG as Affiliate

01/24/05 - Society Historia Numorum joins ACCG as Affiliate

02/04/05 - ACCG submits five page letter to the Cultural Property Advisory Committe in opposition to the Chinese request for import restrictions.

02/05/05 - Stephen James CSRA Coin Club joins ACCG as Affiliate Member

02/17/05 - Wayne G. Sayles appears before the Cultural Property Advisory Committee in Washington on behalf of ACCG in regard to China's request for import restrictions.

02/21/05 - Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington DC joins ACCG as an Affiliate Member.

03/09/05 - Sent application for table space at the Wisconsin state GOP convention to promote a platform resolution in support of private collecting of ancient coins introduced by Jim McGarigle of the ACCG Legislative Affairs Task Force.

03/11/05 - Ltr of opposition from ACCG Ex. Dir. to each member of the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives, in regard to reintroduction of HR 4641 as HR 915 in the current session.

03/13/05 - Submitted application with USPS to mail at nonprofit standard mail rates.

03/25/05 - Zee Ann Poerio joins the ACCG Education and Youth Programs Task Force. Zee is a director of the Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) program and a widely heralded advocate for the return of classics into the classroom.

03/28/05 - Sent introductory letter to Ms. Dina Powell, nominee for Deputy Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs.

03/28/05 - Sent letter to Embassy of Afghanistan noting ACCG opposition to HR 915 and offering suggestions for mutual efforts toward preservation of Afghanistan's cultural heritage.

03/29/05 - Closed out the Fax Wizard campaign for the China CPAC hearing. Approximately 165 collectors voiced their concerns to CPAC via this venue.

04/02/05 - Wisconsin 7th Congressional District GOP Caucus approves the Collectors' Rights Resolution introduced by Jim McGarigle, ACCG Legislative Affairs Task Force.

04/09/05 - ACCG Presentation at the ANA convention in Kansas City.

04/17/05 - ACCG submitted a release to PRWeb announcing the Ancient Coin Museum of Zee Ann Poerio in Pittsburgh.

04/22/05 - ACCG Presentation at the CICF in Chicago.

05/06/05 - Jim McGarigle and Wayne Sayles staffed a table promoting ACCG issues at the Wisconsin State GOP Convention in Sheboygan. ACCG "Friend of Numismatics Award" presented to Wisconsin 7th Congressional District GOP in recognition of support for Collectors Rights.

06/22/05 - Seattle Numismatic Society joins as 12th ACCG Affiliate Member.

06/24/05 - Zee Ann Poerio promotes ACE and ACCG at the American Classical League Summer Institute in Albuquerque, NM.

07/01/05 - ACCG Executive Director Proclaims 2005 the Year of Languages within the guild.

07/06/05 - ACCG Newletter #2 sent to printer.

07/30/05 - ACCG presentation delivered by Executive Director at ANA Convention in San Francisco

08/06/05 - ACCG presentation delivered by Executive Director to "Ancient Peddlers" during the group's "Coinfest" at St. Louis.

08/12/05 - Fax Wizard activated for CPAC hearing on Italy request for import restriction extension.

08/15/05 - Orange County Ancient Coin Club joins ACCG as Affiliate member.

08/17/05 - Ancient Peddlers Yahoo Discussion Group members join ACCG as an Affiliate member.

08/17/05 - ACCG enters comments in opposition to import restriction into the formal hearing record of the House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee as it deliberates on HR 915.

08/22/05 - ACCG statement of opposition to any addition of coins to import restrictions on cultural property from Italy is sent to the Cultural Property Advisory Committee.

08/23/05 - WildWinds joins ACCG as Affiliate Member

08/27/05 - Wayne G. Sayles delivered a short talk on the history of ancient coin collecting and participated in the ACE sponsored Ancient Coin Museum program at Pittsburgh, PA.

08/31/05 - CoinZappers online discussion group joins ACCG as an Affiliate Member.

09/04/05 - Fax Wizard is activated for comment on H.R. 915 which proposes import restrictions on cultural property from Afghanistan.

09/08/05 - Peter Tompa, Souzana Steverding and Wayne G. Sayles delivered oral comments at the public hearing of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee in regard to the request from Italy for import restrictions.

09/11/05 - Ashley Yoakam is appointed to the ACCG Public Affairs Committee.

09/15/05 - Letter to the Editor of the NY Times relating to coverage of the CPAC hearing on Italy.

09/22/05 - ACCG New Schools Outreach Grant is established to support Ancient Coins for Education programs that interface with ACCG Affiliate Member organizations in a cooperative venture.

09/22/05 - Ken Baumheckel is appointed to the Education and Youth Programs Task Force. Ken will be the primary coordinator of ACCG initiatives in the ACE New Schools Outreach program.

10/28/05- The Ancient Coin Club of Chicago becomes an Affiliate Member of the ACCG.

11/09/05 - The Association of Dedicated Byzantine Collectors becomes an Affiliate Member of ACCG.

11/15/05 - Jorg Lueke and Larry Gaye are appointed to a special committee to conduct and oversee the election of board members in the 2006 election.

01/14/06 - The ACCG Board of Directors met in conjunction with the NYINC at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. Awards were presented to Peter Tompa, Bill Puetz and Wayne Sayles. A presentation about the cultural property debate and discussion session were open to the general public.

01/19/06 - The Federal Register announcement of a decision in the CPAC deliberations on extension of Italian import restrictions confirms that the exemption for coins remains in place for another five years.

02/15/06 - Nominations closed for the election to ACCG board with five nominees for three positions. The nominees are Paul Johnson, David Kellogg, Bill Puetz, Peter Tompa and Dave Welsh.

03/15/06 - Election ballots mailed.

03/25/06 - ACCG "Friend of Numismatics" award is presented by Jim McGarigle and Clifford Mishler to congressmen Mark Green of the Wisconsin 8th district and Tom Petri of the Wisconsin 6th district for their support of collector rights.

04/15/06 - Election closes. Peter Tompa, Bill Puetz and Dave Welsh elected to four year terms on the ACCG Board of Directors.

05/01/06 - Sam Spiegel of Brooklyn, NY is selected to attend the ANA Summer Seminar on the ACCG scholarship.

05/20/06 - ACCG "Friend of Numismatics" award is presented by Jim McGarigle and Zach Beasley to congressmen Paul Ryan of the Wisconsin 1st district for his support of collector rights.

05/21/06 - ACCG staffs an exhibitor's table at the Wisconsin GOP Convention and introduces a Collectors Rights Resolution which passes by voice vote at the assembly.

06/15/06 - Education and Youth Programs task force member Zee Ann Poerio presents a program on ancient coins as an educational tool in elementary school classrooms. Part of a workshop of the American Classics League summer institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

07/20/06 - ACCG is a sponsor of the "Coins of Constantine" symposium held at York, England. Dr. Brent Upchurch, ACCG Education and Youth Programs task force, was an organizer of the symposium which involved the cooperation of private collectors and professional scholars.

07/31/06 - ACCG and Art Loss Register enter a one year agreement that provides free listing of stolen coins to ACCG members.

08/16/06 - ACCG Biennial meeting held in Denver. Kerry Wetterstrom and David Vagi presented ACCG Dedicated Service Awards.

09/15/06 - Newsletter Vol. 3 received from printer. Distribution in progress.

9/30/06 - ACCG funds six ACE educational programs through the New Schools Grant.

10/18/06 - ACCG mentioned and the executive director quoted in a NY Times article by Jeremy Kahn about the delayed State Department decision on the Chinese request for import restrictions. This article also ran in the International Herald Tribune.

NOTE: ACCG activities obviously did not stop on the last date posted above. Rather, they have intensified to the point that a chronologue is rather pointless. Instead, please follow the news items which are archived on this site. This page is left on the site as background information about the early days of the guild's formation.