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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010



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Things Some Might Consider

Editorial comment by Wayne G. Sayles regarding the latest in a series of attacks against public and private collecting. Full story

Egypt halts sale of artifacts in Canada

The Egypt State Information Service has announced that items presented for auction by a Canadian firm have been confiscated. Full story

Association of Dedicated Byzantine Collectors is latest ACCG Affiliate Member

The Association of Dedicated Byzantine Collectors (ADBC) has become the 18th independent organization of ancient coin collectors to formally support ACCG's efforts. Full story

ACCG Funds Ancient Coin Education in Schools

The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild will fund startup programs at ten schools, allowing up to 300 students to study genuine ancient coins as part of the educational programs offered by the organization Ancient Coins for Education, Inc. (ACE) Full story

"Ancient Peddlers" now an ACCG Affiliate

Members of the Ancient Peddlers Yahoo Discussion Group have voted to formally join the ACCG as an Affiliate Member, becoming the 14th independent body to do so. Full story

Ancient Coin Museums: Nurturing the Next Generation of Numismatists

Building on the hands-on experience of students who participate in Ancient Coins for Education (ACE), the school-based Ancient Coin Museums introduce a wider audience to the world of ancient coin collecting. Full story