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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild has become a driving force in the ongoing effort to protect coin collectors and museums in which coins are stored from being forced to give up these items to foreign governments under the premise the coins are the cultural patrimony of the claimant nation. — Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News April 26, 2010



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ACCG has "Friends" in Congress

The ACCG "Friend of Numismatics" award has been presented to three incumbent congressmen from the State of Wisconsin who have actively supported Ancient Coin Collecting.

May 27, 2006

Three current members of Congress from the state of Wisconsin have not only expressed their support for collector rights, they have personally intervened in issues of importance to ancient coin collectors. In recognition of their support, each was honored with the ACCG "Friend of Numismatics" award.

Representative Mark Green accepted the award from ACCG members Jim McGarigle and Clifford Mishler at the 8th Congressional District caucus of the Wisconsin GOP on March 25, 2006. Congressman Green publicly supported the Wisconsin Collectors Rights Resolution, which passed at the recent GOP convention and was involved personally in opposing HR-915 which, if successful, would have imposed import restrictions on ancient coins of Afghan origin.

Clifford Mishler (left) and Congressman Mark Green at the presention of ACCG Friend award.

Congressman Tom Petri, of the Wisconsin 6th Congressional District, was presented the "Friend of Numismatics award at the 6th district caucus on March 25th at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Congressman Petri was also a supporter of the Wisconsin Resolution and interceded with the author of HR-915 on behalf of ancient coin collectors .

Jim McGarigle (left) and Clifford Mishler (right) present the ACCG Friend of Numismatics award to Congressman Tom Petri

Congressman Paul Ryan accepted the ACCG Friend of Numismatics award at the 2006 Wisconsin GOP Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin on May 19. Congressman Ryan supported the Wisconsin Resolution and constantly monitored the status of HR-915 which was introduced in the House Ways and Means Committee, of which Congressman Ryan is a member. The advice and counsel of his staff were of great assistance to the ACCG.

Jim McGarigle (left) presents the ACCG Friend of Numismatics award to Congressman Paul Ryan at the 2006 Wisconsin State GOP Convention.

The actions of these three congressmen provided concrete support for the goals and interests of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild and the collector community at large. The state of Wisconsin has a notable history of contributions to numismatics and the support of these legislators confirms that longstanding tradition. The ACCG is proud to count them as "Friends".

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